The Vision Benefits 4 All Mission

Vision Benefits 4 All is focused on providing a different, smarter, better eyeglass solution to consumers and businesses. Our programs are a direct-response to the high-priced eyeglass market, the lack of online customization and the need for a forward-thinking solution for the end consumer. Our leadership and licensed staff have consolidated our product suppliers into a sole source optical provider under the Safe-Lite Optical Laboratory's umbrella, removing tiers of expense and making buying the right eyeglasses more convenient than ever with our MVU.

Consumer Retail

Vision Benefits 4 All was created out of a direct response to the high cost of glasses and vision care overall. Personal attention from qualified staff, absent online, will fit, dispense and educate you on lens and frame options eliminating poor choices and measuring errors online.

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Military Veterans

Veterans are a special part of our business. Our laboratory, Safe-Lite Optical in business since 1970, has manufactured over 4 million pair of eyeglasses over 4 decades and has a long relationship in serving our nations veterans.

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Safety Professionals

Selecting Vision Benefits 4 All extends our benefits rich I CARE 4 YOU Vision Plan to all of our On-Site Safety customers at no cost to the employer.

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HR Professionals

Vision Benefits 4 All’s I CARE 4 YOU vision plan, addresses what we think is lacking with vision policies while offering the highest-quality in eyeglasses without exclusions or limitations.

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